MODPACK World of Tanks Hile 01.09.2016

0 MODPACK World of Tanks Hile 01.09.2016 MODPACK World of Tanks Hile 01.09.2016

World of Tanks oyununa ait güncellenmiş olan yeni versiyon oyun hile modunu

bizim verdigimiz baglantıdan inidirp kurlumu yapıp deneyebilirsiniz.

Mod list:

1) Replace the standard sights!
2) A summary of the enemy tank
3) Advanced tips for skills tank crew
4) Damage panel
5) NoBinoculars – Disable dimming sniper scope
6) Mod, which removes the fog on the map.
7) The commander Camera: Zoom, ZoomX, NoScroll
8) White remains of cars.
9) White Dead Tanks.
10) Accurate Damage Indicator
11) Clock in the hangar.
12) XVM: eXtended Visualisation Mod
13) Mod to increase the time the glow bulb “The Sixth Sense” to 10 seconds.
14) Voice for bulb “The Sixth Sense”!
15) Added manager replays.
16) Ability to customize the config XVM
17) Added WoT Tank Viewer.
18) Custom menu for fighting World of Tanks
19) Mod with angles traverse for tanks without a tower.
20) Mod with detailed statistics for the game session. Including the number of frags.
21) Mod to disable the screen saver when you start the game.
22) Radial Menu Editor
23) added mod to raise the FPS.
24) Mod YasenKrasen .
25) tanks at two or three rows.
26) The contour skin tanks constricted by 25%.
27) Turn off labels and camouflage on tanks.
28) Color icons tanks in the ears.
29) the soul flies away tanks.
30) “Alarm bells” crit.
31) Vertical tree research tanks.

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