Announces Dragon Oath 3D at E3 Online Game

Dragon Oath

Today at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo, (US) announced that their free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, Dragon Oath, will be getting a 3D facelift in Q3 2010. Dragon Oath was recently named one of the top five Biggest Hits in Online Gaming for 2009 by Forbes, and has attracted a loyal international following of over 75 million players worldwide since its inception in 2007.

“The new 3D feature will make Dragon Oath even more of a force to be reckoned with,” says Dragon Oath Producer Thomas McKay. “Due to the overwhelming success of the game, we decided to reward our fans with a major graphic upgrade.”

McKay asserts that giving the game a fresh new face is a perfect way to celebrate Dragon Oath’s popularity. “Adding in that extra .5 D is going to be the greatest thing since combat damage,” he jokes.

Current Dragon Oath players will be able to keep their characters by porting their avatars to the new version.

To learn more about Dragon Oath, visit You can also follow all of the excitement at E3 by visiting the live broadcast at

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