Battle of Immortals


Retail Price: Free

Monthly Fee: Free
Battle of the Immortals is an Action MMORPG with a strong emphasis on hardcore PvP. Check out the articles below for more information about the game. Be sure to check back regularly for new updates!
Some of the main features are:
– Hardcore PvP. Battle other players within a deep and detailed ranking system.
– Hardcore PvE. Battle against players within dungeons for the right to take down epic bosses.
– PvE Timetrials. Race against other groups and guilds to kill bosses, the group with the fastest time gains access to even greater challenges.
– Pet System. Collect a wide variety of pets ranging from cute animals to devastating monsters.
– Mount System. Ride upon giant beasts in order to shorten your travels, players can even fight while riding!
– Territory War System. Battle other guilds for rare relics, resources, and other treasures within the Territory War System.

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