Bot for Seafight Cheats 2011 New


Bot for Seafight Cheats 2011 New

Just a little bot for you, that should make your life easier.

Some Information:
– The bot kills Monster and collects treasures.
– This bot is packedbase, this means, that the bot can run in backround.
– This bot was originally written in and for Germanuser, but the “config.txt” is editable, so you can translate the text in other languages.

If you download this bot and use it, you will break the Terms & Conditions of Big Point, you accepted when you registered on seafight. The bot can not replace playing by humans and the bot also cannot replace buying things.
The bot is just for test purposes!

Before you are downloading the bot, read this:
I am not responsible for any damaged/deleted/banned account.

Here are all the servers and what you have to type in the box named “Server”:
Germany1 = de1
Germany2 = de2
Germany3 = de3
Global Europe1 = int1
Global Europe2 = int4
Global Europe3 = int5
Italy1 = it1
Italy2 = it2

England1 = gb1
France1 = fr1
France2 = fr2
Spain1 = es1
Spain2 = es3
Skandinavien1 = int3
Netherland1 = nl1


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