M2 – MULTIHACK 6.5 (19.06.2010-All Fixed) (for XP, Vista, 7 – 32Bit Users)



(for XP, Vista, 7 – 32Bit Users)

PickUP, AutoPot, Speed (AutoFix) Fixed

LAST UPDATE 19-06-2010
We have fixed Speed Autofix, Autopotion, AutoPik.
(for AutoPotion Fix Dead 1 Time and respown on City)

Speed Movement
– Speed Attack
– Fog, Zoom
AutoPick (Gex001 & GabriPr0)
– AutoAttack
– WallHack (Pumax)

AutoPot Fixed:

– AutoPotion Tool MP & HP(i confirm this procedure to activate autopotion)
IPORTANT: In order to use auto-potion bot, you must start the game, die and be reborn in the city (but only once). Done this you can turn on and off throughout the game the auto potion. Remember to put the HP RED POTION on F4(Key), and MP BLUE POTION on F3 (Key) ….while I was doing the routine to make the pools automatically inventory or warehouse, but do not have time to enter now.

– Future Works
-Archer Tool again to the archer shooting arrows at supersonic speeds (as before). I worked before the upgrade (to February), but then there were 2 updates and does not work anymore. I hope to put it in the next release.
– Teleport

Tips: For Use Potion Bot, move control up to where you want the script. (Both MP for HP). The default is 0%, take it then at least 50%. The two green bars with notches represent your HP and MP.

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