CloneCraft My People Mod 1.6.4 Minecraft


CloneCraft / My People Mod 1.6.4 Minecraft

CloneCraft Mod or you can called My People Mod Basically, it’s a big mess.But aside from that, it introduces a whole plethora of new technical gadgets and gizmos into your Minecraft world for you to explore. Create clones of any entity in the game and bring them to life with lightning! Extract and splice genes from DNA samples from and into any entities of your choosing! Even yourself! Create giant friendly mutant creepers, or teleporting sheep! The possibilites are endless!.

You can see the recipe list Here

How to Install CloneCraft Mod

1.Download CloneCraft mod (below), and Forge from here (Download the ‘universal’ version of forge).
2.Extract forge’s zip file. (Should be named ‘minecraftforge-universal-something’)
3.Navigate to your “.minecraft” folder by either pressing WINDOWS+R or typing run in the search bar, and then enter “%appdata%” without the quotation marks. Hit enter (not too hard)
4.Go to your bin folder, and using a program like 7-Zip, open up the archive. DELETE THE META-INF FOLDER, and then copy the contents of the forge zip file into the minecraft.jar. This will copy accross a new
5.META-INF folder. Don’t delete this one
6.Now go back to the .minecraft folder, and copy my mod (this zip file) into the mods folder(if the folder doesn’t exist, create it).
7.Now close all that down, and boot up minecraft, ENJOY!
Credit to Jamezo97 for makes this CloneCraft Mod or My People Mod

Download CloneCraft Mod 1.6.4

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