Combat Arms Cheat Noob hack Ultra Kill Down


Ghost Mode (only Snow Valley):

  • Press Space

Teleport Instructions:

  • Turn teleport on.
  • Press HOME to store location
  • HOLD DELETE to teleport to that location


  • CoderNever – For that tutorial on how to create your own hack.
  • flameswor10 – His hotkey base put me on the right track, gave me PTC method, and is a good friend.
  • ac1d_buRn – For his awesome address logger and his functions thread.
  • DeadLinez – His PTC commands thread was super helpful.
  • Hans211 – For the menu base
  • Gellin – For his base
  • whit – For combining Hans’ and Gellin’s base.
  • topblast – For his base and OPK
  • ppl2pass – Teleport
  • CodeDemon – Addies thread
  • mmbob – Transparent box
  • Zane Slayman – Glitcher
  • Longevity – FPS
  • Rusty – Idea for Ghost Mode
  • Crash – Helped me with sprintf

DOWNLOAD HOTFİLE:Combat Arms Cheat Noob hack Ultra Kill Down


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