Combat Arms Hacks C00lGuy PUB v2.0 Download


Operating Systems:
Windows XP 32-Bit: Undetected/Detected
Windows XP 64-Bit: Undetected/Detected

Windows Vista 32-Bit: Undetected/Detected
Windows Vista 64-Bit: Undetected/Detected

Windows 7 32-Bit: Undetected
Windows 7 64-Bit:Undetected/Detected

1) Run any injector.
2) If you are on Vista or 7, run the injector as Administrator.
3) Browse for the “dll” file and add it.
4) Run Combat Arms.
5) Click on the “Insert” button to show the menu.
6) For “MoveMenu” Just Drag the Menu.

For 64-Bits Users:
– You can use Valkyrie as injector or other 64-Bits injectors.

See the menu in the screenshots below for all of the features.

If you get any errors of files missing, you must read the following.

  • d3dx9_numbers.dll Missing: DirectX9

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