Combat Arms Hacks Crash’s Menu Hack v2.5 Download


Custom RGB Chams tutorial :

1. Set the RGB colors for your custom front color and back color accordingly. The box to the right shows the preview of what the color looks like.
2. After yo finish setting your values, scroll down to “Set Custom Chams” and hit left or right to set them.
3. Now you can set your front or back color to be the custom color, or choose a pre-set color.

Instructions :

1. Download the .rar to your desktop.
2. Extract the dll and open up an injector(preferably PerX).
3. Set to auto inject and close on injection.
4. Start up CA.
5. Hack shit.

Credits :
ScimmyAnd finally…
Download :

DOWN HOTFİLE:Combat Arms Hacks Crash’s Menu Hack v2.5 Download


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