Combat Arms TrinityEntertainment 1.2 Download


Instructions For DevInjector –
1st – Open DevInjector ( Which I Prefer ) And Click Settings.
2nd – Under Settings Change All Value Of The Delays To 0.
3rd – Under Injector Options Tick All Boxes And Click The X.
4th – On Process Name Type Engine.exe.
5th – Click Add And Browse For The Hack.
6th – Click Inject And Launch CombatArms_Direct.
(Picture Below If You Don’t Know What I Am Talking About)

Note – Run As Admin For Win 7/Vista On The Injector And CombatArms Launcher.I Recommend Using DevInjector For Using This Hack.

Movable Menu –
Numpad 8 – Menu Go Up
Numpad 4 – Menu Go Left
Numpad 2 – Menu Go Down
Numpad 6 – Menu Go Right

Instructions For Glitcher –
U, I, J, K, L
Note – On The Glitcher From The Menu Before Pressing These Hotkeys!

Instructions For Cam Position –
There Is 2 Option For Cam Position Option “Up” And Option “Down”. Once You Press Option “Up” Or “Down” Press “Ctrl” Button On Your Keyboard.

Instructions For Semi – OPK
1st – On Semi – OPK And Press C To Get People Near You So You Can Shoot.
( This Also Aim At Your Friend )

Instructions For Semi – Telekill
1st – On Semi – Telekill And Press X To Teleport To People Place.
( This Also Aim At Your Friend )

Instructions For Semi – GhostMode
1st – On Semi – GhostMode And Press F5, F6, F7, F8, F9 or F10.
( This Is Not The Good GhostMode And It Can Be Seen )

Extra –
Go To Google And Download DevInjector.
—> Download The latest DirectX End-User Runtime.
—> Download .Net Framework 4.

::..Windows 32-bit..::

Windows Xp 32-bitWorking
Windows Vista 32-bitNot Tested
Windows 7 32-bitWorking

::..Windows 64-bit..::

Windows Xp 64-bitNot Tested
Windows Vista 64-bitNot Tested
Windows 7 64-bitNot tested

::.. Virus Scans ..::

Credits –

Thank Me Please!

DOWNLOAD HOTFİLE:Combat Arms TrinityEntertainment 1.2 Download


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