Counter Strike Csgo Hileleri clockwork’s tiny v13 indir


Counter Strike Csgo Hileleri clockwork’s tiny v13  indir


Csgo Oyununa ait güncellenmiş olan yeni versiyon oyun hile botunu asagıdaki

vermiş oldugumuz linkten indirip kullanabilirsiniz.


  • Auto-pistol. Fires pistol for you if you hold attack. Gif.
  • Name, weapon, health ESP. Screenshots, Gif, Gif.
  • Bunny hop.
  • Bomb timer. Gif, Gif, screenshots.
  • Slow aim. Lowers your mouse sensitivity if crosshairs are over an enemy. Gif.
  • Triggerbot. Scout, Flashed, Shotty.
  • Recoil. AK47, P90.
  • Aim-dot. Gfycat.
  • Barrel-ESP. More screenshots.
  • Glow with visible players extra-highlighted. More screenshots.


  • Run the exe while at the CSGO main menu. Works full screen or windowed.
  • On success the hack will be injected. If you don’t see an error message or crash, it worked.
  • On failure an error message will be shown. See below.


  • All hotkeys work in-game only. Hack is inactive at menu.
  • F1 – Toggle Triggerbot. (Shift-F1 to disable). Hold ALT to temporarily activate triggerbot.
  • PgUp/PgDown – Changes triggerbot delay. Holding shift changes it faster. Default is 15ms.
  • F2 – Toggles slow aim.
  • F6 – Cycle Glow: Enemy Only, Enemy and Friendly, Visible, Spotted, None. *Updated*
  • F7 – Cycle Recoil Control: Low, High, Off. (Shift-F7 to disable).
  • F8 – Toggles Aim-Dot. (Shift-F8 to adjust size).
  • F9 – Toggles Barrel-ESP.
  • F11 – Toggle bunny hop. Hold jump to use.
  • Shift-F11 – Toggle Auto-pistol.
  • HOME – Toggle name, weapon, health ESP.
  • DEL – Unload .


Counter Strike Csgo Hileleri clockwork’s tiny v13 indir


Counter Strike Csgo Hileleri clockwork’s tiny v13 indir

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