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CP Field Ops 20 Cheats Guide

Hey Penguins,

The new club penguin field ops mission 20 was released and here’s the cheats guide showing you how to beat it. After you beat the mission you will get a club penguin EPF stamp which you can use to buy some cool elite penguin force gear.

1) Log into Club Penguin

2) Click on your EPF Spy Phone

field ops phone « Club Penguin Cheats

3) Walk to the field ops mission board to accept the mission.

field ops board « Club Penguin Cheats

4) After accepting the Elite Penguin Force Mission click on your map

5) Click on the Mine

6) Go into the Mine

mission 20 « Club Penguin Cheats

7) Walk over behind the table with the phone on it and then click on your EPF Spy Phone when it starts vibrating to play the game

field ops game1 « Club Penguin Cheats

Beat the game by charging the batteries and then you will get the new EPF Stamp for buying sweet gear haha.

epf stamp 300x188 « Club Penguin Cheats

That’s all for the Field Ops mission 20 cheats guide, hopefully this helped you beat the new mission and get ready for the October 2010 Halloween Party!


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