CrossFire Hilesi Working Hack V3.0 indir


CrossFire Hilesi Working Hack V3.0 indir

CrossFire Features:
No Fall Damage (Auto-On)
No Weapon Delay (Auto-On)
No Nade Damage (Auto-On)
No Smoke (Auto-On)
Same Damage Distance (Auto-On) Just use this with 1 hit kill.
No Reload (F10 or NumPad 0)
1 Hit kill (Only works in S&d, Elimination and other modes) Do NOT use it in Mutant, Hero and TDM Mode! (F9 or NumPad 1) 

CrossFire Instructions:
Download the hack.
Extract it with WinRar. You may need to disable your anti-virus.
Then Open the Injector which is inside the file, and then go Settings and Tick Close After Inject and Auto-Inject.
Than start Cross Fire. After X-Traps loads, click inject.
A pop-up will come. Click OK then MPGH will open!
Have Fun

Why doesn’t the hack work for you?
Run both crossfire and injector as admin.
If Injectamunkie 3.0 doesn’t work then use another injector.
Disable your anti-virus.
Download the Requirements.


DOWNLOAD HOTFİLE:CrossFire Hilesi Working Hack V3.0 indir

DOWNLOAD WUPLOAD:CrossFire Hilesi Working Hack V3.0 indir

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