Darkorbit Hile Merkava Paragon Oyun Botu indir


Darkorbit Hile Merkava Paragon Oyun Botu indir


Merhaba arkadaslar darkorbit oyununda test edebileceginiz bir oyun botudur.

Features of MerkavaParagon:
Shows invisible ships. You can see these ships with sign “Lurker”(Schleicher and etc. for another languages).
Automatically locks closest target: aliens, ships, friendly corporation ships (optional). Function is useful at PvP-maps and in Galaxy Gates.
Shows HP and shields of enemy’s ship in exact numbers
Accounting diplomatic relations (group, NAP,alliance of, union, war), as alliances and NAP acts on clans from another corporations
Mixer of lasers and rockets
Strike group:
Autofire on a target, which was attacked by a member of the strike-group.
Unlimited count of strike-group members.
Collect boxes. collect approximately 3600 uri for 1 hour without PET protocols and without PET and anything just spearhead
Shows enemies at mini-map with red square
Automatically get in the aim once again after EMP
Automatically switches from rocket PLD-8 to another rocket

In development:
Collect palladium on the map 5-3
Automatically repair HP and Sheild on the map 5-3 when you collect palladium
Automatically change configuration on 5 3
Guardian Angel (Test mode) works only if you have Merkavabot.


Darkorbit Hile Merkava Paragon Oyun Botu indir

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