Dirty Bomb Hile Botu Aimbot Esp indir


Dirty Bomb Hile Botu Aimbot Esp indir


Dirty Bomb oyunu oynayan kullanıcılarımız için harika bir hiledir.

Kurulum: ilk olarak Dirty Bomb hile dosyasını indiriniz daah sonra indirmiş oldugunuz

dll dosyasını calısan bir injektör ile Dirty Bomb oyununa enjekte etmeniz yeterlidir.

  Dirty Bomb
Nothing Special. Just something i threw together from bits people asked me to make them. Thought might aswell throw it up here.

Could have bugs i don’t play game enough to test it.
Dirty Bomb Hack For NA/EU!

Quick Gameplay Video
Following video demonstrate a quick gameplay experience with the hack.

Aimbot – Aim at enemy players.
AutoFire – Auto shots at enemy players (Does not use Ammo).
Alive Players – Draws text on left side of screen showing alive enemy players in red.
ESP – Draws a box around ememy players.
Health Bars – Shows Enemy players Health under them.
No Recoil – Weapon stays constant while firing.
No Recoil.
Name Stealer – When using Aimbot; your players name will be changed to the victims.


Turn OFF any Anti-Virus software!
Download the ZIP and extract it to somewhere.
Download an injector.
DO NOT open the game! First run the Injector as administrator.
Select the DLL file from the extracted location by clicking appropriate button.
Set Injection Method to Standard and select Auto inject.
Type the process name as “ShooterGame-Win32-Shipping.exe” (without quotes).
Leave it in background and now start the game.
It’ll inject the DLL into process and close itself. Now Enjoy!
Press Home (POS1 for EU keyboards) to activate hack. Then press NUMPAD* to open/close menu.


Dirty Bomb Hile Botu Aimbot Esp indir


Dirty Bomb Hile Botu Aimbot Esp indir



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