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Club Penguin Field Ops

This page will include amazing cheats, guides, tips, how to get 100% on the Elite Penguin Force Test, EPF secrets and much more. It also includes the cheats to the latest Club Penguin Field Ops and is updated whenever a new one is released. All the information created below was created by the Elite Penguin Force, the newer version of …

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New Club Penguin Field Ops Mission #10 Cheats

A new Club Penguin Field Op missions has released, and here are the Field Op cheats: First, click on your EPF Spy Phone on your bottom left: Go to the EPF HQ, and waddle over to the Field Ops screen. Click on it, and Gary will give you your instructions: Accept the mission from Gary. Now, waddle over to the …

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Club Penguin Field-Ops Mission 2 Cheats!

A new Club Penguin Field Ops Mission has been released! This is our second Field-Op, and here are the Club Penguin Cheats to complete the mission! Waddle to the Command Room, and then click the screen which says “Field Ops” to start the mission. Then, a message will come up, giving you the mission. It will say that a securityantenna is broken, and that …

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