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ETS 2 Hile Graphic Mod By Rob Viguurs V4 Mod

ETS 2 Hile ETS 2 Graphic Mod By Rob Viguurs V4 Mod


ETS 2 oyununa ait kullanabileceginiz bir hiledir. daha fazla oyun hileleri için bizi takip etmeniz

yeterli olacakdır.

Changelog: Less vibrant, tweaked sepia grey power.

Enable/Disable the Reshade with ”0”

This Reshade uses these effects:

Levels: Darkens the image, it’s sets a new black and white point.

Tonemap: It’s changes the saturation, bleach and exposure.

Vibrance: Intelligently saturates.

Curves: Adjust contrast.

Sepia: Tones the images.

Reinhard Tonemapping Shader.

Watchdog Tonemap.

Gaussuan anamflare: Adds a horizontal light beam to bright pixels (almost no notice but it adds something to the look)

Sharpening: Sharps the image (Textures are beter and the details are greater)

SMAA (This is a lot more performance saving than the MLAA in ETS 2 so be sure to set Anti Aliasing in ETS 2 OFF!!)

Disable Anti Aliasing in ETS 2 (MLAA vink that off) because this reshade uses SMAA. it saves performance and quality is beter.

It is highly recommanded to set resolution scaling to 150% or higher! Because the Sharpining sharpens the pixels a lot, so without SMAA or higher resolution scaling it looks pretty blocky.

You can set your brightness ingame to default or you can play a little with it to make it comfort for your screen (Not every monitor displays the same image, it can look different for some people)

Install/put all the files and folders to: C:Program Files (x86)SteamLibrarysteamappscommonEuro Truck Simulator 2binwin_x64 or where your ETS 2 is located.

If you want to ask something about it or … contact me on FB:


Rob Viguurs

Rob Viguurs


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