Evolve Stage 2 Hile Multihack Yeni Versiyon


Evolve Stage 2 Hile Multihack Yeni Versiyon

Evolve Stage 2 Hile Multihack Ynei Versiyon

Merhaba arkadaslar Evolve Stage 2 oyunu oynayanlar varsa aranızda asgaıdaki vermiş oldugumuz

linkten hile dll dosyaısını indirip Evolve Stage 2 oyununa bir injektör ile enjekte etmeniz yeterlidir.

daha fazla Evolve Stage 2 oyun hileleri için bizi takip ediniz.


ESP – Hunter, Monster, and Wildlife
(Class) Name, distance, and health are displayed
Remote Damage (deals set amount of damage to selected target regardless of location or team)
Kill all entities
Save/Recall position
TeleSpam (hovers over selected target)
Infinite Ammo
God mode (doesn’t work online)
Rebindable keys via config.ini

Instructions: orjinal acıklama

Download and install the latest VCRedist from Microsoft.
Inject at main menu or in-game with injector of choice.

Config.ini allows you to rebind the keys and change the step value of remote damage. However, it requires a few extra steps:

Use Extreme Injector by master131
Select Evolve.exe as the process
Click Add DLL and select this DLL
The filename of the DLL will appear to the right.
Make sure the checkbox is ticked
Click the button “…” next to the DLL filename to open the “Advanced Module Options” menu for this DLL
Select “ReceiveStartupPath” from the “Export Function/Routine” drop-down list
At the bottom, select “LPCSTR” from the drop-down list
Enter the full path to config.ini
Click the “Add” button
Click the red “X”
Inject at main menu or in-game

Default keybinds: Oyunda kullanılacak kısayollar

F1 – Toggles display of the instructions
F2 – Toggles wildlife ESP
F3 – Toggle godmode (doesn’t work online)
F4 – Save position
F5 – Goto saved position
F6 – Toggle TeleSpam
F7 – Toggle infinite ammo
F8 – Remote damage
F9 – Kill all entities
PageUp/PageDown – Increaes/Decrease remote damage value
Left/Right Arrows – Cycle selected target
Up Arrow – Force reinitialization (shouldn’t need to be used)
Delete – Panic mode


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