Game Revelations of Gipat, the first Allods Online expansion


Game Revelations of Gipat, the first Allods Online expansion

Allods Online
Allods Online, the AAA MMORPG published by Gala Networks Europe, the leading free-to-play online games publisher, on the portal, will be boosted by the launch of its first expansion, Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat, which comes to the European servers this summer.

With this expansion the European team will skip several Russian versions and jump directly from version 6 (1.0.6), which only went live 5 weeks ago, to version 8 (1.1.0) where many improvements, new content, and bug fixes have been implemented to the game.

Gipat, a new allod, has been located and players will instantly be at home in the new zone. It is the very same land where Zak awoke 100 years ago and, with the help of the Great Mage, Tka-Rik, discovered his June heritage and battled against the Curse of the Junes, the Astral Demons. Players will recognise many of the same landmarks that Zak himself explored: the old village, the bandit’s hideout, and even many of the same people and creatures. But the land has been ravaged by time; the once-vast sea, for example, is now nothing more than a small pond pouring into the Astral. And yet, those living there are untouched, seeming to remain precisely as they were. It falls to the players of Allods Online to unravel this mystery and understand the truth behind the Revelations of Gipat; bringing over 100 hours of new content and roughly 150 brand new quests.

Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat will also introduce mounts to the game which will allow players from level 12 to travel the allods of Sarnaut easier and much faster. According to your faction you will be eligible to either ride the Kanian Steed or the Xadaganian Horse, or, if you are lucky, you will be able to call the Whitemane, a rare mount, your own.

Have you already reached level 40 in Allods Online? Then your time has come and soon you will be able to experience new encounters, face more dangerous enemies and fascinating quests with an increased level cap to 42. The Professions level cap is also increased accordingly.

The game mechanism is an evolving part of Allods Online and an important part for every player. This is why the first expansion will see both minor and more major changes that will have an impact on the game. More detailed information will be revealed in the next few weeks.

For more information on Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat and Allods Online please visit the official European

website at

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