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Anasayfa / Genel / Gunbound Kingbot-Pro v3.4.6

Gunbound Kingbot-Pro v3.4.6

DOWNLOAD: removed to prevent flamers

Description Aimbot
– Calibration improved for all Mobiles.
– Memory mode (auto-detection of wind power, wind angle, position of the mobile).
– Pixel Mode (mobile detection angle).
– Turtle SkyBomb, Timebomb.
– Dial SS Armor
– Marking Turtle SS
– Dial SS, T1 and T2 Kasildon
– Mouse and Autolook Mode (Auto Detect the enemy).
– Support for Wolf, Frank, Fenix (100% calibration shot 2, SS).
– AutoShot Perfect (Drag) => The aimbot does the shot automatically by pressing the Print Screen .

-Delete -> Press Delete in game to activate the Aimbot.
-Page UP -> Change a + mobil
-Page Down -> Change to mobil –
-Control + Mouse -> Calculate the power of shooting and trajectory
-Insert -> Mouse Mode / Auto Look.
-Print screen -> AutoShot.

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