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Minecraft Elevator 1.4.6 Mod


Minecraft  Elevator 1.4.6 Mod

Elevator 1.4.6 Mod Changelogs

  • Changed recipe to use 7 iron ingots 1 redstone dust and 1 diamond.
  • “old recipe was 7 stone 1 redstone dust and 1 diamond”
  • Added ability to provide redstone power through a block to better hide your wiring.
  • Added achievement “Vertigo” which triggers after finding a diamond and riding the elevator for the first time.
  • *note only triggered by clicking the the bottom of the elevator and going down.
  • New cfg file is in .minecraft/config called elevatorOptions.cfg
  • “old cfg file was located in .minecraft called elevatorOptions.txt
  • Cleaned up code alot.

Elevator 1.4.6 Mod Installations for Minecraft 1.4.6

  1. go to run
  2. enter %appdata%
  3. go to .minecraft
  4. go to bin
  5. open minecraf.jar with winrar or 7zip
  6. delete META-INF
  7. drag and drop Modloader into minecraft.jar
  8. drag and drop the Elevator 1.4.6 Mod into minecraft.jar
  9. enjoy!

Download Elevator 1.4.6 Mod for Minecraft 1.4.6