Minecraft Oyun Hileleri Ve Modları CandyCraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.8.1


Minecraft Oyun Hileleri Ve Modları CandyCraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.8.1

CandyCraft Mod This is a forge mod adding a new dimension to the game. The Candy Valley is a dimension full of candy, you’ll walk on pudding, mine licorice, cut down marshmallow trees, tame a Chocolate wolf and much more !

CandyCraft Mod Changelogs

-[+]Marshmallow Chest
-[+]Honey Ore, Honey Block, Honey Torch, Honey Shard, Honey Lamp, Honeycomb
-[+]Underground dungeons
-[+]Carabee, new mob
-[+]Gingerbread villager
-[+]Underground gingerbread village
-[+]Honey Emblem (Detect underground villages)
-[+]Jelly Emblem (Reduce fall damage)
-[+]Suguard Emblem (Reduce arrow damage)
-[+]Chocolate Coin
-[+]Honeycomb armors & tools
-[+]Devourer enchantment on fork added
-[+]Suguard can spawn riding a bee.
-[+]Caramel bow and honey arrow
-[+]Gummy, Cooked Gummy
-[+]Honey glue enchantment added (Caramel bow). Slow down target.
-[+]New Mini-boss
-[+]New CD and Dungeons key
-[+]New achievements
-[+]New sugar factory recipes.
-[+]Update detector added.
-[+]Cheftryade made french translation

CandyCraft Mod Installations

0- Install minecraft forge (choose installer)
1- Download the CandyCraft Mod
2- Go to .minecraft (%appdata%)
3- Extract the file in mods directory
4- Check if “CandyCraft.zip” and “CandyCraft/language_ENG.properties” exist
5- Launch minecraft

For servers :

0- Install a forge server
1- Extract files to mods directory.
2- It should work.

Download CandyCraft Mod 1.6.4

Download CandyCraft Mod 1.7.2

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