Moonlight Online: Time Adds a 4th Dimension to Graphics

Moonlight Online

Imagine the crimson brilliance of a blazing sunset fading into a foggy dusk, or a silvery crescent moon illuminating a continent that will soon be awash with the golden glow of the rising sun.

With a dynamic day-night cycle system, IGG’s Moonlight Online will allow gamers to experience these and many other memorable scenes. Using the latest technology in high dynamic range lighting (HDRR) to render breathtaking shifts in mood and environment, changes over time will add a 4th dimension to the graphics of this upcoming vampire-themed 3D MMORPG.

Time in Moonlight Online will run based on a realistic 24-hour system, but the sands of the hourglass will move more quickly than in the mundane real world. The game will have a unique interface that tells the time in the world of Moonlight Online, but will also support real-world time, allowing players to keep an eye on both clocks.

Moonlight Online’s developers are using the latest particle effects technologies to create incredibly realistic atmospheric and meteorological elements, so gamers will witness spectacular dawns, mesmerizing dusks, and the entire glorious spectrum of wonders in between.

When the sun shines its final rays into the dark world of Moonlight Online, don’t be surprised if you hear a wolf’s howl break the silence and signal the approaching twilight. Whether you heed it as a call to action or a dire warning, one thing is certain: the anticipation will send chills up your spine as you find yourself immersed in a universe full of supernatural possibilities.

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