New Combat Arms Hacks ExileD- Public Hack v2.4 Down


– This is UNDETECTED as of 23rd September 2010

Extra Features:– It has built in Anti-SS So the menu/watermark will not show up in Screen ShotsTo move the menu, Just drag it with the mouse.

If the menu is moved too far onto the right of screen when you are playing, it will no longer show up in the lobby. This is because the screen resolution in the lobby is different to the one when you are playing a match, to fix this, if you have moved your menu to the right during a game just move your menu to the left of the screen every time you finish a match. If you haven’t moved the menu or haven’t moved it too far at all. You don’t need to worry about this.

Hacks Removed in this new Release: (v2.4)
– Cam Position – Updating.
– Method of functions has been changed, causing less lag.

Bugs fixed in this new Release: (v2.4)

Bugs noted in this Release: (v2.4)
– N/A

Hacks coming soon in V2.5
– Wait and see, it’s a lot.


Open Menu -> To open the menu hit INSERT

Glitch Key -> Turn on and then use the keys:
Numpad 8: Move Forward
Numpad 2: Move Back
Numpad 4: Move left
Numpad 6: Move right
Numpad 9: Move Up in Air
Numpad 3: Move down in Air

Fly Hack -> Turn on and then use SPACE to fly

Virtual Jump -> Turn on and then hit CTRL

Prediction -> Lags out enemies making them easier to kill
Sound Radius -> Increases the radius of footsteps, making enemies easier to hear, good for SnD where you cannot see your enemy due to him being behind you.
FootPrint Time -> Increases the time you can see enemies footprints.
Player Float -> Like Semi OPK But instead of moving all players to one position, it floats players to positions around you.
Semi Telekill -> TeleKill minus the enemy pointer so it attaches to random players.
Lag Removal -> Removes textures so you get less lag.


DOWNLOAD HOTFİLE:New Combat Arms Hacks ExileD- Public Hack v2.4 Down


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