New Crossfire Public D3D Hack OverKiller 6.0 [CF U.S.A] Download – indir


New Crossfire Public D3D Hack OverKiller 6.0 [CF U.S.A]  Hilesi Download – indir

1. Gun Damage – select how much damage weapons should do
x1.1 – Ammo damage 1.1 times
x1.5 – Ammo damage 1.5 times
x1.8 – Ammo damage 1.8 times
OHK – Ammo damage to (ONEHITKILL)
2. Super Jump (BETA) – Super high jumping
3. Instant Reload – No delay when reloading
4. No Weapon Weight – Weapons don’t have extra weight
5. No fall damage – No damage is acquired if falling from high ground
6. No Nade Damage – Grenades don’t do damage
7. No Change Delay – Weapons are changed without delay
8. No Recoil – Removes spread and recoil
9. Speed Hack (BETA)- Increase the player speed
x2 – Speed 2 times
x5 – Speed 5 times
x10 – Speed 10 times
x15 – Speed 15 times
10.SeeGhots – no explanation needed

Crossfire Public D3D 5) NOTES

OneHitKill cause client error in TD, MM, and HM
SuperJump cause client error in third jump
you can play TD, HM, MM with gun damage x1.8,x1.5,x1.1
SPEED HACK cause client error after 10 seconds so so

Crossfire Public D3D DOWNLOAD

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