New EPF Mission?


Hey Penguins,

According to club penguin there may be a new EPF mission coming soon, not just another field ops mission.  It took club penguin a while to get it ready but it looks like the new Comm Gear that is available may have something to do with it.  Take a look at the new EPF gear you can get for your penguin below:

epf mission 300x226 « Club Penguin Cheats

Club penguin says this is part of a new penguin class or secret agent class.  This probably means that you’re penguin will be considered an “ELITE” secret agent or something like that and have the oppurtunity to do some special missions only available to the Top Penguins in all of CP.

Hopefully this is something like the old penguin secret agency where you get some pretty hard missions to complete (even if you use our secret agent guides haha)

What do you all think?  Are you ready to take on another challenge like that?


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