New GardenCraft 1.3.2 Mod Minecraft 1.3.2 Download – GardenCraft 1.3.2 indir


New GardenCraft 1.3.2 Mod Minecraft 1.3.2 Download – GardenCraft 1.3.2 indir

GardenCraft 1.3.2 Mod Codes Works

X = Major release (lots of new additions/coding)
Y = Small release (maybe one or two new blocks/items and some changes)
Z = Purely bug fixes or small changes to current blocks/items)

without leaves de-spawning, it also plays on making a use for being able to shear leaves off trees. Over time i will add different types of block which i believe personally would add to a nice looking garden (such as decorative blocks for paths.). More blocks to come!. Big thank and credit must go to LukeD1994 for makes this awesome mod, we really appreciate your mod and hope you can make another popular mod like GardenCraft 1.3.2 Mod

Minecraft GardenCraft 1.3.2 Mod

GardenCraft 1.3.2 Mod Changelogs V4.5.0

  • Updated to work with minecraft 1.3.2
  • Updated mod download to hold the recent HD texture additions
  • More bug fixes
  • Bug fixes for the item ID’s
  • Added a few new blocks
  • made changes to old blocks such as the trellis and wall light
  • New Chairs and tables with a click to change texture feature.
  • New ceiling chandelier.
  • New config file which generates in “config” folder (messy, only change at your own risk)
  • Rake and Fancy grass now supported.
  • Added new Mosaic tiles (not fully supported so you can’t craft them.)
  • Added new wooden window frame
  • Fixed bug with tiles dropping cobblestone.

GardenCraft 1.3.2 Mod Installations for Minecraft 1.3.2

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the GardenCraft 1.3.2 Mod
  3. Open Minecraft.jar delete META INF folder
  4. Drag in the mod loader file
  5. Put the mod in .minecraft/mods folder
  6. Done! Play your Minecraft

Download GardenCraft 1.3.2 Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

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