New Inspiration Resource Pack 1.7.10/1.7.9


New Inspiration Resource Pack 1.7.10/1.7.9

Inspiration Resource Pack – Download Inspiration Resource Pack for Minecraft . Hello minecraft fans, this pack adds the simplestive effect provides the looks of the sky (west, night, etc.) even have a glance Cool monsters and nice to appear in the slightest degree the blocks Resolution parcel is thirty two × thirty two and can even be needed McPatcher HD. in step with Pine Tree State, you’ll like this textura, I positively can use it. A great Resource pack right ? want to download and install this Inspiration Resource Pack ? you can see the installations and download below

Inspiration Resource Pack Updates

  • new grass top
  • new tallgrass
  • new gold ingot
  • new gold nugget(will be renamed to gold coin once the ability to change item names is added)
  • new iron tools
  • new diamond tools
  • stonebrick revert to older version to be more unified with cobble
  • stoneslab change to be more unified with stonebrick and cobble
  • forest biome reworked
  • plains biome reworked
  • new gui
  • added depth to oak logs
ation Resource Pack Installations for Minecraft

1. Download the Inspiration Resource Pack File

2. Place the downloaded .zip file in your Resource packs folder.
You can also get to this folder by opening Minecraft and clicking ‘Open Resource packs folder’ in the Resource Packs menu.

3. Download and install the latest MCPatcher HD Fix. (Do this before you install any other mods)

4. Run Minecraft, select the pack in the MODS AND Resource PACKS menu, load a world, and enjoy.

Download Inspiration Resource Pack for Minecraft

Inspiration Resource Pack (Mirror)

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