New Minegicka 2 Mod 1.6.4 Minecraft 1.6.4


New Minegicka 2 Mod 1.6.4 Minecraft 1.6.4

Minegicka 2 Mod 1.6.4 – Download Minegicka 2 Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4. Hello Minecrafters, Minegicka is a mod that brings the elements of Magicka, a game created by Paradox, also with many non-Magicka-but-magical stuffs into the world of Minecraft. Craft staves, conjure spells, cast magicks, and so much more that you can do with this mod. Minegicka has been complete rewritten from scratch into a whole new Minegicka II for Minecraft 1.6. So wait no longer, get your staff ready and let’s SPELL THEM ALL MONSTERS!. Sound interesting right ? want to download and install this Minegicka 2 Mod 1.6.4 ? just see my post below

Minegicka 2 Mod 1.6.4 Update

  • Added some Magicks, added Spells section, Basics section and Magicks section
  • Added altars, now elements are locked at first.
  • Finished allllllllll basic spells
  • Got some staves done
  • Magik dust: the core to the mod
  • Magik book: you need this in your inventory to cast spell
  • Magik book now have guis.

Minegicka 2 Mod 1.6.4 Changelogs

  • Added 3 quality levels for beams, lightning, ice projectile and ground ice
  • Removed beam target-locking, and is now pretty smooth
  • Lightning and novas nerfed
  • Beams and sprays powered up
  • Changed walls model to old Minegicka 1 model
  • Added dust generators, MKI, MKII and MKIII
  • Recipes for ice staff is now Elemental staff + 3 snow blocks
  • Changed option section buttons
  • Added option to change hud corner
  • Glow-in-the-dark sprays, lightning and beams
  • Added items, blocks and staves section in Magik Book

So guys! lets say thank to Will.Eze as developers this awesome Minegicka 2 Mod 1.6.4. We really appreciate and enjoy playing minecraft with this mod, I hope you can make another popular mods in the future like Minegicka 2 Mod 1.6.4

Minegicka 2 Mod 1.6.4 Installations for Minecraft 1.6.4

1. Get Minecraft 1.6.4
2. Install Minecraft Forge for Minecraft (recommended version suggested)
(Optional) (3. Let Minecraft run once for bug checking)
4. Download Minegicka 2 Mod 1.6.4
5. Drop Minegicka II into mods folder

Download Minegicka 2 Mod 1.6.4


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