New Mod Forestry 1.4.5 Mod Automated Tree Farms Minecraft 1.4.5


New Mod Forestry 1.4.5 Mod Automated Tree Farms Minecraft 1.4.5

Forestry 1.4.5 Mod Changelogs

  • Changed: Thermionic fabricators now accept input from the top into the melting slot.
  • Updated: MC 1.4.5b, Forge .394.
  • Added: Soft-dependency to ensure Forestry loads after ExtrabiomesXL. (Should hopefully fix hostile environments for bees.)
  • Bugfix: Alvearies should now implement ISpecialInventory correctly.
  • Added: Bees now recognize flowers in flower pots.
  • Bugfix: Fixed severe container issue.
  • Bugfix: Fixed potential crash when cycling through hotbar and opening backpack gui.
  • Bugfix: Fixed broken tooltip rendering in guis.
  • Changed: Reduced sapling growth rate significantly.
  • Changed: Reduced drop rate of saplings.
  • Bugfix: Fixed incorrectly named planks.

Forestry 1.4.5 Mod Installations for Minecraft 1.4.5

  1. Required Minecraft Forge
  2. Optional you can install BuildCraft Mod too
  3. Go to Minecraft.jar and back up all your content
  4. Delete META INF
  5. Drag all of the files from Minecraft Forge into .jar
  6. Run and test Minecraft
  7. Drag the contents from Forestry to .minecraft / mods
  8. Play Minecraft!

Download Forestry 1.4.5 Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5

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