New The Runic Dust 1.4.2 Mod Minecraft 1.4.2


New The Runic Dust 1.4.2 Mod Minecraft 1.4.2

The Runic Dust 1.4.2 Mod Changelogs

  • Lumberjack now destroys all trees within a radius depending on the dust level. Also has a chance of turning leaf blocks into plant dust.
  • Campfire has been completely inverted. It instantly smelts all items thrown in with a small chance of doubling it. However, you must throw in items 1 at a time or else they burn.
  • Bumped up spirit tool’s duration. Also added some features:
  • The pickaxe, on right-click destroys a 3×3 area of stone-type blocks and, depending on your current XP level, has a chance of dropping lapis runic dust.

Minecraft The Runic Dust 1.4.2 Mod

The Runic Dust 1.4.2 Mod Basics

  • The Runic Tome can be crafted by putting any dust on top of a book.
  • Crouch + Right-Clicking will allow you to view all the runes and their information.
  • It should provide you will all that you need to know to use the runes properly, but if they don’t you can always check back here.


Big Thank and Credit must go to billythegoat101 as developers this awesome The Runic Dust 1.4.2 Mod, we really like and appreciate your mod, because it’s fully helpfull to playing minecraft. I hope you can make another popular mods in the future like The Runic Dust 1.4.2 Mod

The Runic Dust 1.4.2 Mod Installations

To install on Client or Server:

  1. Install latest recommended Minecraft Forge
  2. Drag dustmod.jar into %appdata%/.minecraft/mods/

Server Notes:
To disable a rune, go into /[ServerFolder]/DustModConfig.cfg and change it to false
Some runes are disabled by default due to SMP incompatibility and cannot be re-enabled.

To Change the Block/Item IDs:
Go to /.minecraft/config/DustMod.cfg. All the IDs should be there for you to change

Download The Runic Dust 1.4.2 Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2

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