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The Need For Speed World is a brand new MMO racing game offered by the design team of the original Need For Speed series. Just like the original game, you race to get to the finish line first. However, in this new world, things are a little bit different. Instead of racing head to head against artificial computer opponents, you take the races to your friends all around the world. There are two different servers, North America and Europe and the languages available are English and Deutsche.

I have always been a fan of the original Need For Speed games and this one follows quite well in the footsteps of its predecessors with a few game design problems. The controls are all spot on, providing you with a unique and satisfying racing experience that is not far from the quality of the original Need For Speed games. The graphics seem to have been toned down a notch at the lowest setting but that’s ok. It’s all about how responsive you want the online racing world to be for you. Of course, you want the highest responsiveness possible, so toning down the graphical experience is the best option for most people.

NFS World

It really helps to have a fast computer when using this game. My 3 GHz machine seemed to handle the graphics fairly well at the lowest setting but in order to really get the full effect you would need to have a higher performance PC. In the beginning, you get to choose from two cars but as you progress through the game more options become available. The two cars are the 240SX and the Silvia.

Participating in races and evading the police are the two main objectives in the game. You can easily get used to the controls. The only thing you need to do in the game is steer and accelerate. It couldn’t be easier to have fun with a racing game. The learning curve is very easy to adjust to and even beginning players will be able to get the hang of it fairly quickly.

It feels like NFS Most Wanted, but somewhat limited where the main difference is the introduction of powerups, skills that you can use when in race, like “increases the duration of a Nitrous Powerup” or “Increases your car’s top speed”. It’s more like Mario Kart than NFS which is something I really don’t like.


Powerups and money is earned through being able to play the game properly and skillfully. You can spend the money you earn in the game to purchase new cars. As far as being a MMO racing game, it seems to fall short of glorious expectations. However, if you are simply looking for a game to play that will entertain you and your online buddies, Need For Speed World rises to this occasion quite well.

Running from the cops is a lot of fun as always. There is a meter that fills that is proportionate to how close the cops are to you in the chase. When the meter fills, you are “busted”. If you can get away, you get rewards and rep points.

Not only can you buy cars in this game but you can customize them as well. This makes for an enjoyable playing experience when it comes down to every players need for game customization. While it fails to shine as one of the most in-depth Need For Speed games, it is quite acceptable as a MMO racing game. Usually, players who play free online games want to get to the action as soon as possible and stay in the cut.


Like in NFS Most Wanted, the lobby here is the main city where you can roam freely and interact with other people but to race with them you have to go to specific events which makes the city overall, useless. There is no feature for head to head racing (when two players are near each other, press a key, place a bet, race, profit!) easy to make, but EA was busy reading Nintendo’s game design documents.

Disguised as a free to play for 10 levels, you are genuinely offered the chance to try out the game before you choose to buy it, if you do at all. There are far too few game options in the online world that offer you such a generous amount of playing time for free. No doubt, EA wanted to create an online world that is as respectful to the players pocketbooks as it is to playing the game itself. The first upgrade pack is only 20 dollars!

NFS World doesn’t pretend to be the king of all online racing games. It is simply a welcome escape from the mundane and boring life we lead sometimes. The sounds are great, the graphics are more than acceptable and the fun factor ranks way higher than the flash games you find inundating the Internet today. If you are not put off by the introduction of powerups and the absence of a good performance parts system you should give Need For Speed World a try.

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