Online Game Caesary Online Closed Beta Announced

Caesary Online, a leading online browser game publisher, today announced the closed beta of Caesary Online (, a free-to-play browser game set in Roman Age. In Caesary Online, Players role play as military and political leaders like Caesar to command the troops and fight for power.

In Caesary Online, the theme is one of Roman conquests, Other than the visual style and occasional animal sacrifice; Caesary plays like an Empire-building game from any other era. By encouraging players to have a lot of actions and never wait until the next day to play again, Caesary game design highly encourages players to play several minute per hour throughout the day. This makes Caesary a great game to play secretly while you are at work.

“Caesary has been developed since 2009 based on the historical figure of Julius Caesar. By integrating some features of Zodiac Ceremony, Job Creation, and League Contribution, Caesary Online offers a lot of remarkable new features, such as Flash-based Battle Replay, Detailed Battle Report, and Legendary Hero Recruitment,” said James, Product Manager of Caesary in Caesary Online, ”we have accumulated much experience on the way to Caesary Online and our ultimate goal is to establish ourselves in the international market with an excellent reputation.”
To celebrate the server opening, we have prepared a great package for all newcomers and experienced city-building RTS gamers. The gift package includes some value-added services like construction booster, research speedup and Zodiac Goat items.

The key features of the game:

1. Battle Replay: players can replay the game battle using simulator with flash-based battle animation and the detailed battle report.
2. Caesary allows you to step in other players’ battle.
3. Six types of Hero with 255 levels. Legendary Heroes appear randomly for you to recruit and command.
4. iPod-Touch-like Smooth Interface. Browse World map with mouse drag as if you’re scrolling your iPod screen. Transfer and exchange troops by drag-and-drop! No more boring scroll down menu!
5. Personalized Identity. Player (lord) avatar is freely changeable with dozens of images to choose from.
6. Unprecedented Colonization System. Caesary brings forth the ingenious concept of Sovereign-Tributary relationship! A winner enjoys the sovereignty advancing rank; tributary cities contribute only minimal amount of tributes while growing its power.

For more about Caesary, please visit the official website

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