Online MMO CosmicBreak: Open Beta


Online MMO CosmicBreak: Open Beta


The Los Angeles-based development team of Japanese online game publisher CyberStep announced today the start of its English Open Beta for CosmicBreak, their upcoming 3D robot shooter multiplayer online game. Official release date will be announced later this summer.
To mark that announcement CyberStep is offering many surprises including a commented gameplay video footage, free limited items up for grabs, and invitation for gamers to join a special in-game radio event on June 10th hosted by CosmicBreak’s developer.

CosmicBreak is an anime style 3D MMO third person shooter adventure with big robots, colorful and explosive battles, and fast-paced missions in a world long ruled by galactic anarchy. The long-dormant race of gigantic robots called Arks have suddenly awakened to find their galaxy is now ruled by the evil Chaos. The eons of dormancy have drained energy from the remaining three Arks of Courage, Strength, and Wisdom, and now they only enough energy remains for one of them to fully revive with full powers to vanquish the evil Chaos.
Dedicated followers of each of the three great Arks have formed three rival Unions, each battling for the right to revive their respective Ark.
Which Union will emerge as the one super power to defeat Chaos and determine the fate of the world?

Using the unique Editor System, players are free to mix, match, disassemble, and rebuild their robots however they see fit. Experimenting with over 300 parts and weapons plays an important role in developing stronger robots and gaining an edge over other players in the Arena. Robots may also be custom painted using the Skin Editor, and some parts may even be reshaped using the Polygon Editor.

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