Penguin All Club Penguin Servers On Ultimate Safe Chat


Hey Penguins,

You might of noticed that all of the club penguin servers are currently on ultimate safe chat. Don’t Worry though club penguin is just updating the server software and to do that they need to put all the servers on safe chat for a short while. So if you we’re wondering why are all the club penguin servers on safe chat or ultimate safe chat that’s why!

Picture 32 300x198 « Club Penguin Cheats

This should only take a little bit and since their upgrading the servers maybe they have something really cool planned?!? Either way just suffer through it and maybe spend the time trying to win more coins playing club penguin games. Or you could spend the time looking around this club penguin cheats site and maybe learn some new tricks, cheats, or secrets you didn’t know about. That way when you get back to club penguin you’ll be able to do some stuff you never even knew about!

safe chat 300x179 « Club Penguin Cheats

Either way all the club penguin servers on safe chat will soon return to normal and it should all be back to regular. So enjoy the safe chat and get some CP coins!

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