Perfect World Bot PWI-Prophet Bot Recoded Download


[News]– New Release People!! PWI-Prophet Bot Recoded Beta!!

-Fly to Escape to Elevation(Will auto focus client when triggerd)
-Charater Info
-Monster Info
-Saves Settings Per Character
-Anti-KS Option
-Hunt By Name Option
-Unfreeze Option(Game does not need focus)
-Mob List(Supports 100 Monsters)
-Pet Heal Support(Up To Four)
-Auto Buff(Up To Four)
-Skills(Up To Eight)
-Walk To Corpse
-Rotate Wepons(Up To Four)
-Life Support
-Hunt By Radius
-Damage During Attack

Prophet Bot Recoded v3.0 Beta:

Prophet Bot Recoded v3.0 Multi Client:

Prophet Bot Recoded Tutorial:

DOWNLOAD HOTFİLE:Perfect World Bot PWI-Prophet Bot Recoded

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