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Shaiya XE 1.3 – Updated offsets 






Welcome to Shaiya XE, the first commercial , maintainance free bot for
Shaiya US.

I will modify it to work on German client to, and Brazilian one, if a customer wishes that.

Shaiya XE stands for Shaiya Xtra Efficient, which shows what
the main goal of this bot is. The bot will do all the unpleasent things
for you while you do stuff that you like. You will find a detailed list
of all the features further down in this document.

 This guide is meant to help you to set up the bot correctly, since this
is very important. If you follow this guide, you will have no problems
running Shaiya XE.

Shaiya XE is a very stable, well working bot with a lot of features
that will make your gaming experience a lot more pleasant.

 Here a list of some features. I will explain a bit to each one.

Auto grind

Shaiya XE will automatically kill every mob in its surroundings,

showing no sign of tiredness or boredom.

Infinite grinding

To add to the grinding aspect, Shaiya XE can run completely without
pots, by resting everytime one or more stats are below a user definable
percentage level.

Automatic looting

Shaiya XE will farm anything in the souroundings, even gold. It also
smartly filters between items that belong to the player and items that
dont.Advanced resting functions

As described erlier, Shaiya XE can run completely without pots, by just
using the ‘rest’ function. This ensures maximum grinding duration. It
also helps keep the pot usage low, thus making the botting 100 % cost
efficient.advanced life support functions

Next to the resting at a certain, user definable percentage, the bot
can also use common pots, also at a percentage you can specify. All
three main stats (HP,MP,SP) are supported.

Merhaba arkadaslar bu Shaiya oyunan ait bir bot hilesidir eger talep olursa daha fazla Shaiya

Oyununa ait bot hileleri yayınlarız


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