STO: Ask Cryptic October 2001


Executive Producer Dan Stahl of Star Trek Online delivers the answers in this month’s extended special edition of Ask Cryptic. Read on for 29 answers to 29 of the most-asked questions from the STO player base.

Q: Anon-E-Mouse: Are you going to review the in-ability to get Marks of Honor once you attain the rank of VA?

DStahl: We are adding in the ability to convert Emblems to Marks in a future update. It will be a one way transaction.

Q: Dassem_Ultor: Will we get more repeatable endgame content? Like STFs or other repeatable episodes? STFs? Please?

DStahl: We are in discussion about reworking our end game repeatable content as a major feature of Season 4. I’d like to see some big changes here to improve end game playability.

Q: Lilravegirl: Tholians Tholians Tholians Tholians!!! Tholians?

Dstahl: We’re very interested in the Tholians. It could be some time before you see them in game. However, here’s some concept art we submitted to CBS for our take on Tholians. We think it still needs some tweaks. What are you impressions?

Q: Kovorn: Fleet Starbases…i.e. player housing but for guilds/fleets. I’ve had a few people in the fleet requesting so I thought I’d ask. On the radar?

Dstahl: This is on our radar for the upcoming year. We want this feature to be released when we increase the level cap to 61 as a Fleet Admiral level feature. The goal is that it would work in conjunction with Fleets and the UGC tools.

Q: CrimsonSpot: Is the bug that some paid for clothing slots can’t be used for off duty clothes even being looked into?

Dstahl: We are aware of the issues with purchasing costume slots, especially how it pertains to off-duty costumes. While there is no immediate quick fix for this, we do plan to find a solution that will clear up the confusing way that costume slots are purchased so that players can have more control over the slots they want.

Q: EzriRayne: Will we be getting the chance to unbind items?

Dstahl: We are presently reviewing our philosophy around item binding. We are evaluating having some items becoming available for trade but at present there are no plans to unbind existing items you own. It may be possible that future rewards have less binding restrictions than existing items do. Nothing definite yet.

Q: Spots: I’m curious about the Crew stat on ships. Is it really working just as you’d like it to? I imagine there’s some desire for a greater meaning in the game. If so, what’s the grand vision for the Crew stat and when may we start to see some changes made in that direction?

Q: Elerial: Will we ever get Passive BO abilities?

Dstahl: We have a grand vision for how crew relates to your starship and have plans and design discussions around when we can introduce these changes. The current concept is that officer candidates you receive become “crew candidates” instead and that crew candidates come with passive abilities that improve your starship performance. You can decide to either slot crew in your ship as standard crewmembers, which would then add those passive abilities to your ship. If you decide to convert a candidate to crew it would be a one way commission and the officer “personality” would be lost, but the stat bonus would stay on your ship roster. You would also be able to promote a crew candidate to an Officer (similar to how you can now) and then give them a slot on your bridge. All of this is in early planning, but is a feature I’d like to see in game within the year.

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