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Wolfteam Hilesi WolfLite 9.1 Hilesi indir

1. Extract the .zip file .
2. Copy WolfLite.dll and Buddy2.dll from WolfLite 9.0 folder and past them in Wolfteam folder ( C:\Program Files\Softnyx\WolfTeam )
3. Run Wolfteam , then click ok on the box and you will see this dialog .

4. Click Starts hacks and wait till it say finished scanning then click ok .
5. Choose the hacks you want then change the hotkeys if you want and tick set that is near the hotkey .

– Hacks In the trainer :
– WP Hack : (MUST HAVE NO TATOO ) Lets you get more than 50 WP from your basic weapon , the default value i made is 1000 ( to be safe ) but if you want more put the number of wp you want in the box near to WebWP and click set .
– Mode hack : Lets you change the game mode , Active the mode with the hotkey then select the mode you want .
– Return to base : returns you to your base with full hp and select new weapon ( dont use in destruction or icehold , unless you activated mode hack and changed the mode to Ex or DM ) .
– Observe : Lets you observe the game , move faster , fly and able to shoot too .
– Noreload / Instant switch : makes you gun reload faster and switch between guns faster .
– NoClip : Lets you enter inside walls with no dc , just dont use it to hide because others can see you , only use to move faster through obstacles .
– No Recoil : you weapon doesn’t shake hard when shooting .
– Godmode : Freezes your animation so you dont see yourself getting damage but other people does , after you make them see that they killed you then you can be invisible for them and kill them untill you respawn or the game restart . ( ONLY Work in ARRIVAL MAP and i am working to fix it ) . (DragonLordU)


0 ms : make you see all players in the room with 0 ms so you dont get kicked , but you will get kicked if a player dont have any ms in the room .
Now you can enter a 16/16 game but expect some lag .


Attached the Original Wolfteam.bin since many people use the one that have the bypass cause d/c “Gameguard authentication failed”

WolfLite 9.1 and Original Wolfteam.bin


DOWNLOAD HOTFİLE:Wolfteam Hilesi WolfLite 9.1 Hilesi indirmek icin Buraya Tıkla indir

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