Youtubers Life Hile 11 özellikli Oyun Botu Güncellendi – Yeni Versiyon


Youtubers Life Hile 11 özellikli Oyun Botu Güncellendi – Yeni Versiyon


Trainer options
F1 – Infinite Money
F2 – Infinite Energy
F3 – No Hunger
F4 – Infinite Talent Points
F5 – Infinite Relation
F6 – Infinite Render Points
F7 – Instant Render
F8 – Instant Upload
F9 – Instant Courses
F10 – Infinite Lightbulbs
F11 – Show Required Card


Start game world first and once money and other stuff appear on screen activat money, hunger, energy and talent points cheat
After activating money cheat the value will not change on screen until you go and buy something
Open contact on cellphone then activate relations cheat
First go into editing screen where render points are showing then activate cheat
First start rendering a video then activate instant render cheat
First start uploading video then activate instant upload cheat
First start a course then activate instant courses cheat
For Light Bulbs cheat first use Lightbulbs while creating a video once then activate cheat and once you use lightbulbs again it will be set to 99
For Show Required Card, First create a video then activate the cheat before creating another video, After you go into making the video you will notice that the best fitting card symbol will be showing next to the clip, Check the second message below for a picture of its location.


Youtubers Life Hile 11 özellikli Oyun Botu İNDİR

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