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IMVU is a social network and 3D virtual world where millions of people meet, chat and have fun in animated 3D scenes. You can shop and dress up your avatar with your own personalized look, design and decorate your own 3D space, and connect with new people from around the world. IMVU is easy to use! Just download the FREE …

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Avalon Heroes

Avalon Heroes offers a breathtaking combination of real-time strategy and role playing with competitive elements, similar to the successful game modification “DotA” for WarCraft III. The free-to-play online strategy game already offers plenty of new contents: Six new heroes, a battle mode map, a new chapter in scenario mode for both factions, and two supplementary maps in the adventure mode …

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Knight Online World Exclusive Interview

Knight Online World is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that has over 10 million players all over the world. So many people can’t be wrong, and we set to discover more about the game. FreeMMOGamer: Can you introduce yourself and your role on Knight Online World? My name is Joseph Willmon, and I’m the Producer for Knight Online World. FreeMMOGamer: What …

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Valkyrie Sky: A Good Shoot’em Up MMO?

A game combining the all-time-favorite arcade genre, shoot’em up and MMO is a recent topic among gamers. The game is Valkyrie Sky whose open beta service was released last December 28th at global game portal GameKiss. In the early days users could initially move characters—usually an aircraft- only left and right, and later to four directions. However the users’ freedom …

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ROSE Online: Orlo Launches!

Gravity Interactive, a world renowned massively multiplayer online game publisher, is happy to announce the launch of Orlo, the third expansion to Gravity’s ROSE Online title. Over 800,000 ROSE Online community members can experience numerous feature updates including new monsters, regions, items, skills, increased level caps and the entirely new planet of Orlo! ROSE’s Orlo expansion presents players an entirely …

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