Wednesday , October 4 2023

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Club Penguin October 2009 Penguin Style Catalog Secrets

There’s a new Penguin Style catalog with tons of Halloween costumes to decorate your penguin with! Here’s how to find the Penguin Style catalog: 1. Click on the map in the lower left. 2. Go to the Town. 3. Go to the Gift Shop. 4. Click on the Penguin Style catalog in the bottom right. Here’s how to find the …

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New Club Penguin Ninja and Volcano Theories

Ok, my friend Spq96 hooked me up with two amazing finds about the ninjas and Volcano. First off, if you take a look at the sneak peak Club Penguin gave us a while ago for the new room, you will notice this ninja penguin: That same ninja penguin is appearing in the cover of the new Card-Jitsu series. Now what …

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New New Club Penguin Reviewed By You Talks About Stamps!

Today, Club Penguin has released another Reviewed By You. Every Wednesday, they add a new topic to the Reviewed By You and any penguin may respond to the question Club Penguin asks you at the bottom of every the post. If they really like your response, they will include it into their next Reviewed By You post and you will …

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New Club Penguin Stamp Book: Mystery Page Cheat!

Today on Club Penguin, I was earning some stamps by playing some games, and I opened up my stamp book. While I was looking around, I found something really cool that almost nobody knows. It’s a mystery page that’s inside your stamp book. This mystery page will be unlocked when you have collected all the stamps, and you might receive a reward or a …

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New Club Penguin Times Newspaper #250!

Club Penguin has released the 250th issue of the Club Penguin Times which means this week is the 250th week since Aunt Arctic made her first Newspaper! Check out this weeks newspapers important headlines: Club Penguin’s biggest topic on this issue of the Club Penguin Times is Stamps. Here is what they have to say about Stamps: Stamps are taking …

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