Friday , December 1 2023

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Metin2 Waithack Damage Kılıç x2-4 kılıc hasar x2-4 şamandıra Hilesi

Metin2 Waithack Damage Kılıç x2-4 kılıc hasar x2-4 şamandıra Hilesi Merhaba arkadaslar bugunde yeni bir hile ile karsınızdayız bu hile metin2 waithack hilesidir Metin2 2x ve 4x kadar gücünüzü cıkarıyor bir bakıma etkili vurus yaptıgınız zaman bunu 4x hilesi gibi  Dörde katlıyor Hile suan aktif versiyonu Türkiyede ilk yine biz yayınlıyoruz  hemen Hilenin kullanımına geceyim İlk olarak bizim vermis oldugumuz …

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Lost Trails

Things up ahead are truly foggy and scary, with giant ancient trees blocking all sunshine out and unnerving rustlings from the thick bushes suggesting unspeakable dangers. It does take guts to continue groping your way forward. I know it. But before setting foot on the “Lost Trails”, you should have known better that you are buying a one-way ticket to …

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My Empire

Just like many other city-building, My Empire has all the elements of it. The game starts with a little patch of land and a limited number of people which are given to you to construct your city. The game is really easy, or more clearly put, couldn’t be easier. The goal of the game is to enlarge your city and …

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Chocobo’s Crystal Tower

How much can a bird still do if its wings were cut off? Where should it go if soaring into the sky simply become a wishful thinking? Well, most would, if anything, get choked by this appalling possibility and sink into self-pity for the rest of their life. But for us Chocoboes, who have since birth not blessed with any …

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Corrie Nation

With the release of the social networking game Corrie Nation, Coronation Street fans can picture their own lives in Weatherfield. Corrie Nation was launched by ITV on November 1, a month before the UK’s, maybe even world’s longest-running TV soap celebrates its 50th birthday. Patricia Wagstaff, director of digital productions at ITV Studios pointed out that “Coronation Street enjoys a …

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