Pazartesi , Temmuz 13 2020

4StOry EG Bot v.2.1 Download

Today I´ll present you our ( with our I mean the team ) new bot for the privat server!

LVL 80 in 1hour!

What are it´s features?

  • This Bot teleports so its faster.
  • If the player is death the player will respawn automatic
  • The bot is complete BACKGROUND!

I´ll give support but if the question is toooooo stupid i don´t answer you!

This is a beta script so, it can be that it wont go on your computer.
If the hack programm does not start, USE cheatengine.

[VIRUSTOTAL SCAN]…6696-1278188812


DOWNLOAD HOTFİLE:4StOry EG Bot v.2.1 Download

DOWNLOAD TURBOBİT:4StOry EG Bot v.2.1 Download


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