4Story Hile Fly Gameforge Servers Oyun Botu 23.05.15


4Story Hile Fly Gameforge Servers Oyun Botu 23.05.15


4Story Oyununa ait yeni güncel oyun hilelerini vermeye devam eidyoruz eger sizde 4Story

oyunu oynuyorsanız asagıdaki vermiş oldugumuz oyun botunu indirip hemen deneyyiniz.

-Nocast: All skills will immediately cast
-Fly: You can fly, simpilar to the reaven skill (height is limited)
-Deathmode: You are set to the deathmode, you cannot get any damage anymore, though you cannot deal damage either
-Gamespeed: The whole game runs a lot faster
-Speed: You can run faster
-No ShotDelay: Attacks don’t have a delay anymore. They immediatly get to the target (this works only in PVE)
-Zoom: You can zoom out very far (value has to be between 16000 and 17000(higher makes game laggy))
– No Black/White screen: The stunn effect, dealt by an archer or a priest, which makes the screen black/white is ineffective. You can attack the enemy normally
-No Tick: You can change a channel, or get into the charakter menu without waiting
-No Blockade: The nekromant stunn, so that you can just attack with the standard attack, is ineffective
-Shop: You can sell your items, stored in you bag anywhere
-No Drowning: You can swim under water as long as you’d like to
-Skill: You can freeze charakters skill
-Target Skill: You can freeze Targets skill
-Target Distance: Shows distance between character and target
-Teleport: You can teleport to the XYZ coordinates you type in
-Moblock: If you select a target it gets teleported to your character
-Map teleport: Teleports you, if you click on the map, to the given coordinates
-Click teleport: Teleports you, if you click on the ground, to the given coordinates
-Life porter: Teleports you to a certain location if life gets lower than the value you typed in (when activated it will teleport you again,once the players life was once bigger than the teleport value)
-Freeze Aoe Location: Your Aoe skill will always cast at the same place (even if it is out of range)
-Safety : Turns all hacks off when players are nearby and activates them again, when no players are nearby (Does NOT mean you can’t get banned!), not available for “Deathmode”
-Skill Teleport:Teleports the Player to the saved coordinates if he uses an ingame teleport skill (Skill 437 and 235)
-Jumping height: You can jump higher than normally


4Story Hile Fly Gameforge Servers Oyun Botu 23.05.15 indir

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