Salı , Eylül 28 2021

Altis Gates Open Beta Delayed

IGG is dedicated to bringing our loyal community of gamers the best games available, and Altis Gates is no exception. At the moment, the Altis Gates team is working on a major overhaul of the game that will completely revolutionize the whole Altis Gates experience!

As such, the upcoming Open Beta, which was scheduled for March 7th EST (GMT-5), will be postponed until further notice. The AG team would like apologize to everyone for the inconvenience these delays will cause, and want to emphasize that when the Gates of Altis open once again, it will reveal a mesmerizing world well worth the wait.

As for the rewards and prizes for events such as Wallpaper Design Contest, Share Your Altis Story and Guild Recruitment, winners will be notified again just beore the Open Beta starts.

For more updates and information, please visit our official website


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