Arkham Fans Are Roasting Suicide Squad’s Cluttered UI

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has a bit of a mountain to climb when it comes to the public’s perception of the game. Not only do fans despise the direction that Rocksteady has taken the series, with two big sticking points being the new Poison Ivy and treatment of certain DC characters, but the fact that it’s been marketed as a live-service title has soured many fans on the entire thing.



There was always the hope that positive previews of the title could steer the game away from a potentially dismal release day, but newly released gameplay footage by IGN has almost every fan making the same point – the UI looks extremely cluttered. This has been pointed out by a number of people on Twitter, with several people poking fun at the game’s HUD, racking up thousands of likes each.


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You’ll be able to find an almost endless supply of screenshots on Twitter, each one displaying just how cluttered the game’s UI is, peppered with all kinds of different button prompts, numbers, symbols, bars, and pretty much everything else you could possibly think of. They’re all making the same joke too, sharing an Elden Ring meme that made the rounds closer to the game’s release when certain Ubisoft developers criticized the game.

To be completely fair to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, most of the screenshots taken do appear to be mid-combat, when the UI will be at its most chaotic and cluttered, and there’s always the chance that the game will include settings that let you turn off some of them. There is one shot of King Shark standing motionless though, and the UI looks just as cramped and busy.

Others are concerned about the boss design and how it might be too frustrating, as well as the visual noise happening on screen, even without the game’s UI over the top. It’s not a great sign for a game that’s not even released yet, especially when previews are meant to try and excite players for an upcoming release. Suicide Squad’s recent previews seem to have had the opposite effect.

Still, you never know whether you’ll like a game until it’s in your machine, and you’re playing it. For those of you still interested in picking up Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, the game officially launches a little under a month from now, on February 2.


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