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Armor Craft Beginners Guide and Tips

Armor Craft, developed by XFUTURE, throws you into a futuristic world of mechas, where strategy reigns supreme. Commanding powerful mechas is the key to victory as you crush enemies in an epic campaign. In this Armor Craft Beginners Guide, you will know the key things to do and essential tips to dominate the game and rise to the top among fellow players.

In Armor Craft, it’s not just about quick thinking, you also need to adapt to changing situations. The game’s mechanics challenge you to be flexible and adjust your strategies on the go. Being ready for anything is key to outsmarting opponents and securing victory on the dynamic battlefield.

Armor Craft Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Mechas and Troops

Gathering different mechas with their unique strengths is crucial. Each mecha brings something special to the table, like powerful attacks or swift movements. Your success depends on smartly choosing and using these mechas in battles.

Armor Craft Mechas and Troops
Image via XFUTURE

When it comes to troops, how you deploy them matters a lot. Mixing and matching troops with different mechas can make your attacks more effective. Experiment to find the best combinations that fit your playstyle.

Base Building and Defenses

In the game, establishing a sturdy base is your stronghold against enemy assaults. Building structures is key, these constructions form the backbone of your defense and expansion. Construct and continuously upgrade diverse structures, from resource-generating buildings to defensive fortifications. Each upgrade reinforces your base’s resilience and enhances resource production, empowering your overall progression.

Armor Craft Build
Image via XFUTURE

When it comes to defense, strategy is paramount. Placing defensive structures strategically across your base strengthens its ability to withstand attacks. Strategically position defensive installations such as turrets, walls, and shields to create an impenetrable fortress. Analyze attack patterns, weaknesses, and potential entry points to maximize the effectiveness of your defensive setup.

Joining Alliance

Joining an alliance opens doors to bonuses, collective achievements, and a sense of camaraderie. Together, alliance members work towards shared goals, unlock special rewards, and access unique features that bolster individual progress.

Armor Craft Alliance
Image via XFUTURE

Each member’s contribution matters, impacting the alliance’s standing in the game’s competitive landscape. Working together, planning, and teamwork are crucial as alliances strive to be the best.

List of Game Modes in Armor Craft

1. Online Match (PVP)

Online Match mode in Armor Craft thrusts you into player-versus-player (PvP) battles against real opponents. Battle strategically with quick thinking as your weapon. Display the strength of your mechas and troops, using clever tactics to outsmart opponents and win in this competitive arena.

Armor Craft Battle Modes
Image via XFUTURE

Use your mechas, plan your troops, and apply smart tactics to outsmart opponents. Online Match mode keeps changing as you face different players, each with their own strategies.

2. Expedition (PVE)

In Expedition Mode, you will embark on an adventurous campaign. Take on tough challenges, using your skills to earn rewards. This solo journey goes at your speed, introducing fresh challenges and revealing the game’s storyline. PVE marks the beginning of your strategy adventure, unlocking more game features and setting the stage for your progress.

3. Daily Challenge

Daily Challenges in Armor Craft present opportunities to strategically infiltrate the enemy’s domain, systematically dismantling their strongholds. These challenges are an invitation to devise and execute plans that gradually breach the opponent’s defenses, targeting key structures, and weakening their hold.

As you progress through these daily tasks, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of enemy tactics, learning to exploit vulnerabilities and employ your mechas and troops with precision to disrupt their sphere of influence.

Armor Craft Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Manage your Resources efficiently

Efficient resource management is crucial. Prioritize upgrades wisely, focusing on essential structures and mechas. Save premium currencies like diamonds for critical purchases or emergencies. Balance resource production buildings with defense structures to ensure a steady influx while fortifying your base.

2. Prioritise your Base Defense

Your base’s defense is paramount. Continuously upgrade defensive structures to match your progression level. Experiment with different layouts and adapt them based on weaknesses observed from attacks. Stay vigilant against common attacking patterns and adjust defenses accordingly.

3. Alliance Collaboration

Joining an alliance provides numerous benefits. Engage actively with alliance members for bonus resources and assistance in battles. Coordinate attacks, participate in alliance wars, and contribute to collective achievements for rewards. Mutual support within alliances can significantly boost individual and collective progression.

4. Keep progressing Continuously

Consistent upgrades are crucial for staying competitive. Prioritize upgrading mechas that fit your playstyle and have versatile abilities. Concurrently upgrade buildings and defenses to match the evolving challenges you face. Keeping everything updated ensures you’re ready for whatever comes your way in the game.

5. Adapt and Experiment

Flexibility is key in Armor Craft. Experiment with troop formations, adapting them to counter various opponent strategies. Learn from defeats, adjusting tactics to counter different playstyles. Diversity in your approach can often surprise opponents and lead to more successful attacks.

Final Thoughts

In Armor Craft, strategy and adaptability are key to winning. It’s a game of conquest, strategy, and teamwork. Learn from battles, build alliances, and lead your mechas to victory. This guide is your go-to map in the game. It’s not just about rules but about facing challenges, trying new things, and always getting better. From managing resources to tactical battles, this guide is here to help you navigate Armor Craft. May it boost your skills and be your trusted companion in the game.

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