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Armor Craft Guide: Tips to earn Diamonds and Summon Coupons in the game

In the mecha-dominated world of Armor Craft developed by XFUTURE, premium resources like diamonds, and summon coupons hold the key to unlocking powerful upgrades, rare items, and accelerating your progression. Acquiring these Armor Craft premium resources efficiently can significantly enhance your gameplay experience.

Premium resources are crucial in Armor Craft just like they are in other games. You can purchase some in-game premium items using Premium Currency like Diamond, purchase the Battle Pass, speed up building, summon Mechas to add to your roster, and do many other things that will improve the quality of your gaming experience in Armor Craft.

How to get Diamonds in Armor Craft

Diamonds is one of the premium currency in Armor Craft, crucial for upgrades, speeding up processes, and buying exclusive items for players to advance. These Diamonds swiftly boost progress and unlock special aspects in the game, supporting players in their journey through Armor Craft.

Armor Craft Diamond
Image via XFUTURE

1. Achievements

Hitting in-game goals and tasks is how you earn Diamonds. These achievements come in different levels of difficulty, from easy to hard, and help you move forward in the game. Finishing each achievement gives you Diamonds, pushing you to try new things in the game. Whether it’s winning battles, improving structures, or reaching story milestones, these achievements show your progress and give you Diamonds to level up your game.

2. Quests

Completing quests in Armor Craft is a reliable way to get Diamonds. By finishing stage quests and specific in-game tasks, you can earn Diamonds. These quests cover different parts of the game, encouraging players to explore and try various game aspects. It’s a great way to earn Diamonds while learning more about the game.

3. Top-Up

To quickly get Diamonds, you can buy them directly from the in-game store using real money. This instant purchase gives immediate access to Diamonds for in-game upgrades and progress. Though not earned by playing, this method helps players quickly boost their Diamonds for faster advancements and purchases in the game.

How to get Summon Coupons in Armor Craft

Summon Coupons are essential for obtaining powerful mechas and valuable upgrade materials. They’re mainly used for these acquisitions in the game.

Armor Craft Summon Coupon
Image via XFUTURE

1. Expedition

In Expedition mode, journeying through Carlo Mountains rewards players with Summon Coupons after finishing each stage. As you conquer challenges and move forward in these stages, they collect Summon Coupons.

Advancing unlocks more stages, offering more chances to gather these valuable items. By steadily progressing through Carlo Mountains, you can collect Summon Coupons to acquire powerful mechas and upgrades, improving their gameplay.

2. Shop Purchases

Summon Coupons are available in different in-game shops, providing various ways to obtain them. Players can use alliance tokens in the alliance shop or occasionally find them in daily packs. Additionally, these coupons can sometimes be found in daily packs, offering them regularly. Players can also purchase Summon Coupons from the common shop, aiding them in managing resources to obtain these valuable items strategically.

Final Thoughts

Premium currency in Armor Craft, grants significant advantages, enhancing gameplay and allowing personalized experiences and continuous development. However, using these currencies wisely is crucial to avoid unnecessary expenses. It’s essential to strike a balance between leveraging the benefits of premium currency and being responsible with in-game purchases, ensuring a fair and enjoyable gaming environment.

Diamonds expedite progress and unlock features, while Summon Coupons acquire crucial assets, offering versatile pathways to strategic advancement in Armor Craft. Ultimately, a prudent approach to using premium currency enhances gameplay without overspending, fostering a balanced and fulfilling gaming experience.

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