ATS MOD Hile Peterbilt 351/559 1.32.x (Edit)


ATS MOD Hile Peterbilt 351/559 1.32.x (Edit)

This is a upgrade mod from 1.23 to 1.32x.
Tested on 1.32 and made a cross country run on the C2C map
This is a fun truck to drive. If you enjoy the classics.
After i found out it didnt work on the new update, I went to work.

This truck has its classic Engines.
But i had to add my signature Cat C900 engine (900 hp)
She knows when she has a load on her but she does the job.

Sleeper can be added from the interior section. This contains both 351 and 359 configs.

Original Author: Jawa
Sounds: Kriechbaum
1.32 Edit: Free

*Original Author: Jawa *Sounds: Kriechbaum *1.32 Edit: Free


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